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Car Park Cleaning Services Adelaide

Parking Lot Cleaning Services from Mark

Choose the best of car park cleaning services around Adelaide with Mark Anderson Maintenance and Cleaning Service. We have been serving public, commercial and private car parks for years now. We perform power sweeping, scrubbing and pressure cleaning services to address your car park cleaning needs. Clean and hygienic car park floors, walls, lifts, stairs, signs, booms and ticket machines provide for a safe parking environment and impress car park visitors.

Why to choose Mark cleaning as your Car Park Cleaner in Adelaide?

Car parking areas are the first thing to be noticed when people come to visit you, whether at homes or at office and commercial settings. Thus, always be prepared to put your first impression towards guest and business customers by keeping your parking areas look neat and stainless.

Our car park cleaners are local based cleaning company serving Adelaide and other metro areas in SA. We specialize in cleaning wide range of residential and commercial premises. We are equipped with latest high pressure and rotary cleaning tools to meet the cleaning standards of modern car parks.

We provide all the necessary Car Park Cleaning Services to address your need to have a clean and hygienic parking facility including cleaning of lifts, lift landing, lobbies, stair cases, toilets, ramps and parking bays.

We provide cleaning of each and every areas of your Cark Park. We will be cleaning concrete floor of your area too. Spills, coolants, oils, fuels and other serious hazards can create faulty appearance around the floor of your Car Park region. We will apply high pressure techniques to address your floor cleaning problems.

We can keep your car park looking its best.

Car Park Cleaning Machines

Daily Rubbish Removal

We offer periodical site visits to check bins, empty them as required, replace bin liners and dispose of the rubbish for your commercial Car Park Cleaning requirements.

Manual Cleaning

High traffic areas need more attention and can deteriorate easily Lifts, lobbies, entrance areas, toilets, office windows, ticket machines, signage, pipes; all these needs to be cleaned in a regular interval. It’s all part of the job and taken care of.

Manual Sweeping

We inspect and patrol your entrance areas, lanes, walkway, ramps and clean them leaving no mark of dust, leaves and litter.

Power Blowing

Various areas of your Car Park are not reachable by motorized equipment. Surfaces behind wheel stops, in corners, raised ledge, traffic islands, ramps, bottom of stairwells etc. which collect dust and litter are cleaned by using industrial blowers.

Power Sweeping and Power Scrubbing

We provide high quality motorized equipment to clean large surface areas like ramps, driveways and parking bays. Car parks usually need to be swept regularly to remove a buildup of dust, leaves and litter. For a more detailed clean a wet scrubber can apply degreaser, clean and squeegee the area dry in a short space of time.

Pressure Cleaning or Steam Cleaning

If none of the above methods are able to clean some of the areas we apply high pressure cleaning or steam cleaning. These methods achieve better results when cleaning masonry, concrete and steel that has been affected by extremely stubborn stains, corrosions or failing coatings.

Mark Anderson Maintenance & Cleaning Services offer the Car Park Cleaning solutions in Adelaide including high tech cleaning machines, high pressure techniques and sweepers .We help you in cleaning Car Parking Surfaces, Oil Stain Removal, Concrete Pathways, Mold Removal and other stain areas. With years of working experience in Car Parking Surfaces cleaning, we ensure that you receive a professional job every time.

For free competitive quote and information on Car Park Cleaning in Adelaide, SA call Mark Cleaning at 0439 729 000

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